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Company Beliefs

At RTL, we believe in doing things one job at a time.  We are a true small business that is not trying to be a big business.  From the start of a job to the finish, we are dedicated to being reliable and upfront with no hidden costs. There is nothing worse than getting a quote at the beginning of a job and the price inflating at the end a job.  Sometimes a change in the original order occurs or the job gets larger, however, when this occurs, we pride ourselves in communicating any changes upfront.  We strive to foresee any setbacks and any potential issues that sometimes occur.  When we set foot on your property and begin working with your family, you will not hear dirty language nor see men who look like they walked out of a dumpster.  We all have wives and children and are very proud of what we represent.  It is a blessing and a honor to wake up everyday and do what we love to do.  It is also a pleasure to be chosen to work on your property and use the skills we have learned through the years.  We are proud of our suppliers and highly recommend them as we have used them for years.

To meet all your needs, it is crucial to use great products and great suppliers when building retaining walls and doing landscaping. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”?  Sad, but true. For all your property needs, please allow us the opportunity to make your outdoor dreams a reality.  My team and family are depending on me.  Will You?
 For your information, we use the following suppliers:
Across The Pond-Trevor Cole
GEO Solutions Inc.-Bill Kennard
Huntsville Hardscapes-Hank
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