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When it comes to pools and walls, it is very important to be able to work with the pool contractor in coordinating the complete project from start to finish. There are many options to consider when these two parties come together. Consider the following: Pool shape and size, wall location from pool deck, proper drainage around pool deck and wall,  landscaping around wall and pool, proper amount of rock behind pool wall and retaining wall, washer and septic lines to consider, and the list goes on. Please review all of the pictures listed below to get a feel for things to consider. Most of the pics on this site are retaining walls we have built behind J and R Construction.  We have worked with Scottie Hill for many years and highly recommend his work.  When it comes to pool projects that require a retaining wall, gives us call, and we will set up a meeting at your home with Scottie to design an all-in-one outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come.  Remember, when starting a project that requires two or more contractors working on your site, it’s good to know RTL and J and R construction/Pools have performed many outdoor projects that will leave you excited about the future of your outdoor space.

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